Architectural Cognition

I am interested in how psychology can aid architecture in improving the usability of buildings. I study how space ‘guides’ our behaviour, our attention, and our thinking. I extensively use Mobile Eye-Tracking technology and the theory of Space Syntax.

Cognitive Biases in Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)

VGI projects are often used to source the public’s opinion about some geographic phenomenon (such as ‘what are dangerous cycling locations in your city?’). Are these opinions representative of what the public really thinks?

Wayfinding Through Orientation

Traditional wayfinding devices use turn-by-turn instructions such as ‘turn left’ or ‘continue for 300 m’. These are easy to follow but leave us disoriented and don’t correspond to how we would describe the route to other people. Can different types of instructions help us learn the new environment while we navigate?

Art Galleries and Curation

Art galleries are a very unique type of space: white, empty walls and the art itself are almost the only visual stimuli around. In such a situation, their spatial layout - the spatial arrangement of artworks and rooms - is what really steers the visitors’ experience.

Selected Publications

  • Architectural Cognition and Behavior

    Details handbook

  • Wayfinding Through Orientation

    Details PDF

  • Indoor Wayfinding: Interview with Christoph Hölscher and Ruth Conroy Dalton

    Details PDF

  • Applying HCI Methods and Concepts to Architectural Design (Or Why Architects Could Use HCI Even If They Don’t Know It)

    Details PDF

  • [PhD Thesis] The Influence of an Art Gallery's Spatial Layout on Human Attention to and Memory of Art Exhibitions

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I teach the following courses at the University of Muenster:

  • Spatial Cognition
  • Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction
  • Interaction with Geographic Information

I supervise Bachelor and Master theses which combine topics in geoinformatics and human cognition. If you are a student at our institute interested in writing your thesis with me, please refer to our website for a list of currently open topics, but do feel free to come discuss your own ideas.